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Capstone Title Partners will help you close your commercial real estate transaction, no matter how large or complicated, in an efficient and professional manner. Our many years of experience allows us to successfully process and close a broad range of transactions. Whether you have a residential subdivision, a condominium conversion or another commercial property, our expertise will help facilitate settlement in a timely and professional manner. We have the expertise and experience to design creative and effective approaches to the challenges that can arise with complex commercial transactions.

We Provide…
Abstract & Title Services for Your Needs
Capstone Title Partners is proud to provide all the services you need for your real estate transaction. We write title policies for Chicago Title Insurance Company, a firm with over 160 years of experience.

Confidential and Professional Services
At Capstone Title Partners of southern Indiana, the security of policyholders is the main priority. We offer professional services at competitive rates. Please contact us to learn more and receive a complimentary quote.

Closing protection letters are issued. County records are checked, immediately prior to the closing, and certification is made to all parties of any changes to the original commitment.

Document Preparation
We prepare all documents related to real estate closings, including:
• Title Commitments and Final Policies
• Settlement Statements
• Mortgagor and Vendor Affidavits
• Deeds
• Sales Disclosures
• Powers of Attorney(if needed)

We can prepare the following as needed:
• Contracts
• Mortgages
• Assignments
• Leases
• Purchase Agreements
• Affidavits
• Easements

Zoning and Planning
We work extensively with the engineers and planners of the City of Bloomington and Monroe County, as well as those in other municipalities throughout Indiana.

We do adjacent owner searches and notifications, as required by city and county planning departments.

For new subdivision plats we do a base search for easements and other encumbrances. This base file is then used to assist with future development and lot sales.

We work closely with local attorneys to insure efficient and effective resolution to your real estate zoning and planning appeals and petitions.

Conference rooms
We have multiple conference rooms and are able to accommodate any size closing. Having the availability of multiple conference rooms allows for parties in the same transaction to close separately if desired. We never charge for use of conference rooms.


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